Admit it, we're all suckers for a finely-timed inspirational movie speech. Whether it's a war film, a sports film or a film about picking up chicks, it's often these speeches that help us remember a movie -- these are the speeches we quote over and over again until our friends either slap us or simply walk away. Cinematical reader Matthew Belinkie, who you might remember as the brains behind classic videos like The Dark Bailout, has thrown together what is perhaps his greatest achievement yet: 40 inspirational movie speeches in two minutes. I mean, we've got everything in here, and I love how the dialogue times out so that it feels like one very long speech.

Check it out below, and try to see how many movies you can name. Also, feel free to tell us which of these movie speeches is your favorite. (Honestly, the one from Swingers gets me every time.)