This morning we learned that the Hollywood Foreign Press doesn't like The Batman very much, as they only awarded the film one gimme nod to Heath Ledger in the Best Supporting Actor category -- this despite the fact that the film has broken records at the box office and is about to smash some more on DVD. According to reports, The Dark Knight has sold 600,000 Blu-ray copies on its first day on the market, destroying the previous record held by Iron Man (260,000 Blu-ray discs). Additionally, the Bat-tastic flick sold three million DVDs on Tuesday, and will most likely catch up to Iron Man's one-week total of 7.2 million sold.

Okay, so obviously people are falling over one another to have at this piece of badass -- but when it's all said and done, what did you think of the disc(s). As previously mentioned in our review of the Blu-ray disc, I felt the special features were seriously lacking -- not only in the commentary department, but also in the character department. Personally, I wanted to see a special feature on Ledger's Joker, as well as Eckhart's Two Face. I wanted to hear more from the cast, I wanted them to extend their ridiculous viral marketing campaign to the DVD and send us on a wild goose chase. I felt like this was a blatant set up for a double dip, with Warners most likely releasing an Ultimate Deluxe Edition during the next holiday season, and that kinda frustrates me.

So, did The Dark Knight deserve more nominations? What did you think of the Blu-ray disc or DVD? And were you satisfied with the special features, or did this year's biggest home video release let you down?