Above: Evolution of the AT-AT

I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to t-shirts -- so much so that in the wintertime, my lady went out and bought me a bunch of long-sleeve thermals to place under my t-shirts because she was appalled by the fact that I would rock out t-shirts in 20-degree weather. But I'm a dude, and dude's are morons like that. Anyway, continuing along with our totally awesome Holiday Movie Junk series, we now present our third round of movie-inspired t-shirts ... because, if there's one fact I'm certain of, it's that movie geeks LOVE to pimp out their movie-inspired t-shirts. And if you want to be "the cool friend/family member/total stranger" this holiday season, you'll think about getting them one of these very cool t-shirts from our good friends over at RedBubble.com.

To make things easier, we've pulled out the best movie-inspired t-shirts RedBubble has to offer and placed images, along with direct links to that particular t-shirt, in the gallery below. Additionally, we've included the galleries for our previous two movie-inspired t-shirts posts.

From GoApeShirts.com

From DutchSouthern.com