Oliver Stone might be done with Dubya, but he's not about to leave the world of Presidential intrigue. Variety reports that he's moving onto another controversial political figure -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. But this time around, the project won't provide a fictional look back in time to young rabblerousing. Instead, it's a documentary that Stone has been working on for six months, to be ready next year.

Surprisingly, this won't be a feel-good doc, even though Stone and Chavez seem to be quite chummy. Instead: "It's about Chavez and the South American revolution," Stone says. The documentary will detail the opposition Chavez has faced, including the distaste from the Bush administration. (Stone just loves the Dubya.) That being said, it'll probably still be a Chavez-friendly picture.

And that's not all -- he's also got another doc in the works, one that he's keeping to himself for the time being. Rumor has it that it would be about Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but Stone has denied that. Any ideas? Chances are it'll be another notable figure.

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