Seems like every big summer flick is getting their time in the spotlight this time of year, what with Star Trek and Watchmen (which is technically not a summer film even though it feels like one) dominating the viral scene thus far. But now Terminator: Salvation wants some love, and just this week they've debuted a very slick trailer, a new image and gave the go-ahead for sites to run set visit previews. Above you can see the new image, which shows John Connor (Christian Bale) walking through the Terminator factory ... and he looks pissed. Does he want a discount? A refund? Does he want to kick some robot ass? Guess we'll find out soon enough ...

Cinematical did not visit this particular set, though our peeps over at Moviefone did. From their preview piece: "Peeking at the post-apocalyptic world of 2018, we saw a giant old-school Terminator in action, some sleek futuristic T600 models, major explosions, Skynet's headquarters, a ruined Los Angeles, concentration camp-style transports for captured members of the resistance and much, much more."

My buddy Peter over at Slashfilm dished out a pretty detailed preview piece as well, which offered up this enticing tidbit: "[McG] brought us into his streamline trailer and showed us an 8-minute sizzle reel of the film. People haven't seen anything yet. And for those who believe this film will definitely be PG-13, think again. We saw a piece of footage that showed Moon Bloodgood topless in the rain, which certainly gave me the impression that the rating has yet to be decided." Topless rain shots and gratuitous robot battles? Doesn't get any better than that, my friends.

Terminator: Salvation hits theaters on May 22, 2009. Check out the new trailer to the right of your screen.

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