Thank you, Internet! Oh, how I love how small you can make the world seem! Below you can check out the Watchmentrailer that has been popping up on French screens. It may have the same Smashing Pumpkins tune attached, but it's not the trailer we're used to. Clips we've become familiar with have been teamed with ComicCon footage and some shots of Rorschach as a tyke, and I'm liking it even more than the first release. These trailers are simply oozing charisma and excitement, and I'm still surprised at how Zack Snyder has managed to titillate us at every turn, while offering scenes that never seem to get old or tired.

While I was more a fan of Nite Owl in the graphic novel, I'm completely infatuated with what Zack Snyder has done with Doc Manhattan. What seemed ridiculous in my head (big blue man fighting wars, being size XXXXXXXXL) looks spine-tingling awesome on-screen -- and how often does that happen? Usually, the too-fantastical-to-be-believed thrives in text, but not in film.

Normally, all of this fangirl excitement would make me recoil and try to curb my expectations to stave off disappointment, but methinks that won't be necessary. I haven't seen one thing, on the set itself or in the clips we continue to get, that makes me nervous, and better yet -- none of these scenes ever get old. This looks so damn good.