Lots of maddening hints in the news today -- I share them merely in order to tease you as they have me.

Like this one, for example -- Justin Theroux says he and Jon Favreau have now decided on a villain for Iron Man 2, and the announcement will be held "at some Comic-Con or something." [IGN]

Or this: Guy Ritchie has a lead in mind for Sgt. Rock, but he won't say who, except that it's no one from his past films. So you can cross Jason Statham, Mark Strong, Robert Downey Jr., and Gerard Butler off the "Names That Rumor-Mongerers Love" list. He did say the script is done, it will be set in WWII, and it will feature Easy Company. However, the biggest hurdle in getting it made is its budget which is "slightly intimidating." [MTV Splash Page]

David S. Goyer says the Master of Magnetism's origin movie is on hold until X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes out. If Wolverine is a success, then Magneto gets his origin movie. I think that seems unfair, don't you? [Superhero Hype]

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