Each year the ratings for the Academy Awards seem to drop, and each year more and more people seem to blame the host for his (or her) inability to keep the world glued to their screens for three-plus hours. Sure, it takes a whole lot of everything to satisfy those tuning in to Hollywood's biggest night, but perhaps with the recession and economic problems, folks aren't itching to watch pretty millionaires congratulate one another with smiles, hugs and gold statues. Or we can just blame Jon Stewart for f**king it all up.

Either way, the Academy might be looking to switch things up this year by bringing on a host who isn't a stand-up comedian or a TV personality. According to Deadline Hollywood, they've chosen someone "way outside the box" to host this year's ceremony, and there won't be "the traditional segment of joke-telling near the start of the broadcast." DH says, however, that this person "is in the movie biz," and an announcement could come as soon as early next week. While some would prefer to see them lose the funny guy (or girl), I kinda liked it when they'd open up the show with some laughter or a musical number or, ya know, something light and entertaining ... since that's what these people do for a living -- they entertain. And if the Academy chooses some bore to walk out on stage and open up the show with a monologue about how "important" and "meaningful" movies are, I'll be switching channels in no time. Or, they could announce the new host as being The Jonas Brothers ... and then, well, we're all screwed.

But what do you think -- who would you prefer: a funnier, song-and-dance host or a more serious one?

UPDATE: Apparently, according to Deadline Hollywood, Hugh Jackman is the "way outside the box" name the Academy wants to nominate as host for the Oscars. He sure does look good, and claw good, but will he host good?

UPDATE 2: USA Today now confirms that Jackman will indeed host the Oscars.