I'm sorry to post that the LA Times has reported that Bettie Page passed away Thursday night at the age of 85. The news comes after the pinup icon had spent a few weeks on life support following her heart attack earlier this month. In her memory, I thought I'd whip up a rewind for the film based on her life -- The Notorious Bettie Page, which starred Gretchen Mol as the lady with the black bangs.

In the clip below, Page gets introduced to the world of modeling and pin-up girls, and soon finds her smiling face gracing a myriad of magazines. While the film only received moderate buzz, most seem in agreement -- Mol did a heck of a job as Page, and carried the film right into a number of decent reviews.

Rest in peace, Bettie. You'll be missed.

Warning: Not entirely safe for work -- brief nudity.

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