He may truly suck at making himself into a believable German, but Tom Cruise did something right when he signed on for Tropic Thunder. The gig got him his first raves in eons, a Golden Globe nomination, and now maybe a feature film?

E Online talked with Cruise, who says Grossman is far from cinematic history. "I've talked about doing different videos with the character. I've started working with Ben [Stiller] on it, and we've kind of talked about different things to do." Right now, they're just looking for the free time to make this a reality. Cruise then went on to say that he wouldn't rule out a feature film, but he has to talk to Stiller first.

It'd probably be wise not to hold our breaths. Stiller has been adding on the projects like mad lately, so unless there's some A+ scheduling, I bet this will take a while or never come to fruition. But more importantly: should it? I really enjoyed Tom in Tropic Thunder, Grossman was great, but I'm not sure I'd want to see a full film with him. To me, it wasn't so much the character, but Cruise having some fun. I'd much rather see a fun film written for Cruise that goes somewhere new, while maintaining that sense of self-deprecation. How about you?
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