WARNING: This post (and below gallery) will spoil the ending of Marley & Me

Taking a page from the Forgetting Sarah Marshall playbook, it would appear there's a new obnoxious (let alone tacky) marketing campaign for Marley & Me spreading throughout Los Angeles. Granted, we have no direct proof the studio is behind this latest stunt, but speaking as someone who's lived with an assortment of viral campaigns over the past couple years, I will say this particular one smells real fishy.

So what happened? Well, some chick calling herself "Stephanie" emailed a number of different movie blogs with images of defaced Marley & Me posters and billboards in LA. How were they defaced, you ask? Well -- spoiler warning -- someone went around scribbling the words "The Dog Dies" across each advertisement. We've included the images in a gallery below for you to check out. (Lame Warning: She ends her email with "This is going to be worse than when they shot Bambi's mother.....")

Now, some might wonder why on earth a studio would choose this particular viral campaign -- one that ruined the ending of the film for all those who came across it. But is this particular info really ruining anything? Think about it -- most people going to see this already read the book, not to mention that whenever you have a film about a dog (with the exception of some kiddie flicks), most of the time they end the same way. Either way, they're getting publicity out of it (see this post and several others), folks will stop to pay more attention to these posters and, while it may sound weird, ruining the ending in this way might entice more people to see it; especially those who've lost a pet.

So is this a smart campaign or a stupid one? What do you think?

WARNING: The images in the gallery below will spoil the end of Marley & Me.

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