Terminator: Salvation
Yes, we were teased with a few seconds of footage last week but at last we have the full length trailer for the new Terminator flick, and in a nutshell: it rocks. The movie opens on May 22.

Dragonball: Evolution
This new trailer isn't impressing me any more than the last one. There's plenty of sci-fi fantasy kung foolery here if that's your kind of thing. Fans of the anime don't seem too thrilled with this adaptation, so I don't see a bright future for it. If you're so inclined, watch for this one on April 8.

Powder Blue

Jessica Biel stripping and Forrest Whitaker committing suicide dressed like Santa are just two of interesting visuals on display here. Aside from a few words spoken at the end there is no dialogue and very little to go on as far as what the movie is about. Still the imagery is pretty gripping. No release date for this one just yet.

Viggo Mortensen stars as a college professor in Germany during the rise of the Nazi regime. Essentially a good man, he finds himself compromising his principals and accepting membership in the Nazi party. Watch for this one in limited release on December 31.

The Proposal
A retread of the getting-married-to-stay-in-the-country premise with Ryan Reynolds being coerced to marry his Canadian boss played by Sandra Bullock. The leads have appeal but I can't get past the cookie cutter plot that reminds me of countless TV episodes. Look for this one on June 12.