While folks at Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan are remaining tight-lipped with regards to a third Batman film, rumor has it that a production office for the threequel could open in Chicago as early as this spring (via BoF) -- and now E! is reporting (through one of their sources inside the studio) that Rachel Weisz could be up for the role of Catwoman in the flick. They say, "The next Batman installment is alive and kicking-definitely. We already mentioned today certain Warners sources are leaking to us that Rachel Weisz is being considered for the Catwoman role, too fab. But Warners officially isn't saying bubkes. But other insiders working on the next installment, to follow up where The Dark Knight left off, say it's all so a go."

Now, I don't trust anyone who uses the words "too fab" in relation to a story about Batman, but we take what we can get, right? What this does tell us is that, from the looks of it -- and even though there's probably not a script written yet (E! says it's being written now) -- Catwoman will play a major role in the third film. And, personally, I'm glad Angelina Jolie's name is slipping out, because she'd just add too much "glam" to this role. Weisz would do a fantastic job in my opinion, and if you'd like to see her go a little nutty and eccentric, check her out in The Brothers Bloom.

So whaddya think? Catwoman? Rachel Weisz? Ya dig?
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