We've got another music-themed film on the way, and this time it isn't based on an old movie or musical. Variety reports that Universal and Imagine have tapped Preston Whitmore (This Christmas) to write and direct a new music extravaganza called Zoom. Normally, I'd be happy to hear of a story that's not re-telling, re-vamping, re-imagining, re-whatevering, but this one sounds a bit like another music-themed film on the front-burner. Zoom focuses on "a troubled West Virginia youth who attends a music academy and finds his voice and a place in the world." I'm betting this is aimed to grab some of Fame's buzz.

Meanwhile, Variety also reports that Hollywood is taking another stab at James "Whitey" Bulger -- GK Films has picked up the life rights of John Martorano. He was a killer for the mob, taking the lives of 20 people. "After he discovered his compatriots, including Bulger, were government informants all along, Martorano became a government witness who exposed corruption and collusion between the mob and the Boston office of the FBI."

Now we just have to wait and see how long until Mark Wahlberg signs up. He was part of The Departed, which took cues from Bulger, and he bought the rights to the story of another Whitey associate back in 2006. That one didn't go anywhere, so maybe Martorano is the key to film fruition.

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