I'll be back.

Again, and again, and again, and again! The world of John Connor must be run on Duracells. Variety reports that the Terminator series won't stop with Terminator Salvation -- the planned trilogy is a go. When this Christian Bale-led version got cooking, the hope was to make it one of three. However, no decisions were going to be made until Salvation was released. If the response was good, Halcyon would get the others cooking.

Then they released footage, and caution flew out the window. The positive reactions from fans and media have prompted the company to move ahead early. Hopefully this bodes well for the film -- one would think that if they used their best material for the clips we've seen, then they wouldn't be this gung-ho to get the next film started.

All of this news comes out of the Dubai International Film Festival, where McG overcame his fear of flying to attend. And it looks like this trek is only the beginning: Variety says that the Middle East might be used as a locale for T5. And that should be set soon enough -- the tentative release date for the next installment is 2011.
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