So very often, we here at Cinematical field comments that are directed specifically to whoever a post was about -- as if Star X or Director Y were reporting about themselves, or as if we hoard e-mail information for any given celebrity and pass word on with great frequency. Having written just one review, though, of a Tyler Perry movie, none of my other posts have yet to have so many remarks addressed directly to the writer-director-producer-star-caterer than that one.

Still, so long as Tyler Perry and his filmed plays are around, we'll have posters and trailers that demonstrate just how ungainly his blend of broad slapstick and gospel-laced melodrama is over the course of a mere two minutes, let alone two hours. Case in point: next February's Madea Goes to Jail. On the one hand, we have the poster (click below to enlarge), with the risible imagery of a dove made out of smoke framing the face of Madea (Perry in drag), a character known primarily for being racuous, shrill, anything but saintly. On the other, we have this trailer by way of Yahoo! Movies, which runs the gamut from Madea bickering with Dr. Phil and sticking it to noxious honkies to straight-up preaching to prostitutes in prison.

For some people, it's everything that they hope for out of a Tyler Perry offering. For others, it's everything that they dread. Madea Goes to Jail on Feburary 20th, and I just wanted you to know, Mr. Perry, that I'll try to find my own "Get Out of Jail Free" card by then.