Gigli might have tanked as one of the crappiest films of all time, but that's not stopping Jennifer Lopez's attraction to rom-coms. Her romance-centric comedies barely garner 5 out of 10 in the thousands of votes on IMDb, and she can't even come close to the likes of old pros like Sandra Bullock, but she keeps coming back for more.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Lopez has signed on to star in CBS Films' new rom-com called Plan B. Coming from a spec by Kate Angelo, the film focuses on a single woman itching to have kids. Since she hasn't met a man she can settle down with, the woman decides to go for "Plan B" and get artificially inseminated. However, the same day that she conceives twins, she meets the man of her dreams (Plan A). (I'm sniffing a Baby Mama sort of scenario...)

Amusingly, the piece also notes that Amy Baer of CBS Films says that this project "would take Lopez back to her core strength of the romantic comedy," and it's being boasted as a comedy that will cross gender lines, a la Knocked Up. While I wouldn't be surprised if she could make an Out of Sight sort of comeback, methinks this won't kick her into wide-appeal rom-com land. Between this and the kid-centric Governess, do any of you out there really want more Lopez-led romance?
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