The rumors were correct this time around, as it looks like Rob Zombie was convinced to return and direct a sequel to his Halloween reboot. Unlike the last Halloween, H2, not to be confused with Halloween H20, will arrive in theaters in October -- which, um, makes a lot more sense than August (even though the first flick took home a good buck at the box office in late summer).

Variety tells us the sequel will pick up right where the last one left off, and follow another Michael Myers killing spree through the eyes of his sister (Scout Taylor-Compton will most likely return). According to Zombie, this sequel will in no way resemble the original sequel (except for the part where Michael Myers kills a bunch of people). Zombie, who originally wanted nothing to do with a sequel, was talked back into things after taking some time off from the monster: "I was so burned out. (But) I took a long break, made a record and I got excited again." What's exciting is we'll have two horror sequels squaring off against one another this October: Saw VI and Halloween 2. Not a lot of time to shoot, edit and polish the flick, but something tells me time won't change what the final product looks like.

What do you think? Give Zombie a second chance here, or will this puppy bomb?
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