There's been a hole in the television world since At the Movies lost Ebert and Roeper, gained Lyons and Mankiewicz, and made a whole lotof people reallyticked off. Could Rotten Tomatoes be the answer to everything?

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Current Media has cooked up a deal with the website to air a half hour series on Current TV and called "The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current." Unfortunately, while I have always hoped for some sort of rotten tomato slinging in real life for the terrible stinkers that come out of Hollywood, the show will be fruit-free, featuring "movie news and information" while also giving "viewers the chance to participate in and influence the content of the series via both sites."

Congratulations to our friends over at RT for scoring such a deal! But I have to wonder: Are "film reviews for the audience and by the audience" the answer to cinema criticism in the future? Or more immediately, the key to a successful movie-centric show? I could see this being a great opportunity for budding writers, and an excellent way to increase buzz on smaller films, but only with some serious editing (but then it's not really by and for the people). It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

If you were in charge of bringing Rotten Tomatoes to the TV, how would you format it?