The Wolverine trailer has hit the net, and I am a really happy girl. I think it looks fan-freaking-tastic, the ponderous tone perfectly in tune with Wolverine's moody mantras. Yes, I'm biased. I adore the character so much that I can't ever get drunk at ComicCon for fear I'd wake up with him tattooed on my person. (Please don't ever let this happen, kindly onlookers) But I think overly enthusiastic fandom is a more pleasant thing than the overly critical kind, where I hate on the trailer for "betraying" the character somehow. However, what kind of nerd would I be if I didn't do that a little bit? There's plenty of stuff in that trailer to discuss, wonder about, and ultimately criticize because Oh My God, it departs from the Wolverine canon! Besides, I probably won't get to write another Wolverine column until summer 2009, so consider this a personal Christmas indulgence.

The one nagging issue I have with Wolverine is the scene that kicks off the trailer – Logan consciously choosing to participate in Weapon X, his feral name all picked out and ready to be stamped on his dog tags. I get why. It looks cooler onscreen than the truth, which would involve Logan being beaten to a pulp by anonymous government agents, drugged, hooked up to tubes and wires, and pumped full of adamantium. That was only the beginning of poor Logan's trials at the hands of sinister scientists, who implanted him with all kinds of weird sensors and chips to control his brain, kept conscious enough to feel everything, tortured him, and sent out into arctic weather to fight abused animals.
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