We've posted an episode of Between Two Ferns before, back when Zach Galifianakis interviewed (and subsequently molested) poor Michael Cera. Now, though, in Episode 3 of this hysterical little bit, Zach sits down with Jon Hamm, from AMC's Mad Men and the new flick The Day the Earth Stood Still. While Hamm has made a huge name for himself lately, Galifianakis is slowly emerging as well with six films in different stages of production, including the Youth in Revolt adaptation and the Todd Phillips comedy The Hangover. I'm still waiting to catch his indie Visioneers (which we reviewed here), and these little bits he does for Funny or Die just crack me up.

Also on Funny or Die today is a little advertisement for Will Ferrell's new George Bush show, A Final Night with George W. Bush, which hits NYC in January. Watch that here, and watch the Zach interview below. Warning: This interview contains mild foul language and may be inappropriate for young, normal children.