"That's quite a big claim to make! [Laughs] 'Harry Potter' is pretty massive!" -- on buzz that 'Twilight' is the new 'Harry Potter'

Continuing her streak of playing posh, very British young ladies, Emma Watson has traded in Hermione Granger's quick-witted smarts for a prim and proper place on an animated throne.

Providing the voice of Princess Pea -- the pretty royal who begins an interesting relationship with the eponymous big-eared mouse in 'The Tale of Despereaux' -- Watson is attempting to branch out from her 'Harry Potter' roots, even though she confesses that Hermione holds a special place in her heart.

Watson spoke exclusively to Moviefone about why princesses top wizards any day and how we may be seeing a lot more of her in five years (and we mean a lot more of her), while also dishing about the celeb she admires most and declaring that 'Twilight''s got nothing on the massive 'Potter' franchise.

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