When he's not busy with killer tadpoles wreaking havoc on the population, it looks like Gore Verbinski is going to chill out with some RPG action. Variety reports that Universal and Verbinski are teaming up to bring a 2007 Wall Street article about online role-playing to the big screen. Unlike Ben X, however, there won't be a fantasy world come to life.

Alexandra Alter's article, "Is This Man Cheating on His Wife?", follows a married man who spends most of his free time on the virtual world of Second Life, creating an alternate life for himself -- one that includes a virtual spouse who is not his wife. His IRL wife feels that he is cheating, while he does not.

Verbinski plans to use this story as the basis for a film that follows how online RPGs can negatively affect people's real lives, and is prepping this as a directing vehicle. This might prove troublesome since his non-blockbuster work doesn't go over nearly as well as his pirates and rings. However, in a move that bodes particularly well for the film -- Steven Knight will pen the script, and he wields the pen behind Eastern Promises, Amazing Grace, and Dirty Pretty Things. Now I wonder: Will Gore nab Johnny Depp once again to play the lead? The real guy might be a burly biker, but Hollywood always likes to pretty things up.
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