He's faced angry Nazis, villainous Russians, and lots of space baddies, but is Harrison Ford any match for a determined Rachel McAdams? The Hollywood Reporter posts that Ford has grabbed the starring role in Morning Glory, while McAdams is in final negotiations. This one is the brainchild of Aline Brosh McKenna, which Paramount grabbed back October of 2007, and put Venus helmer Roger Michell in the directorial chair.

Glory is a comedy that focuses on a "grizzled old-school anchor in the Ted Koppel mold" who is fed up with the incessant and increasing gossip on his evening newscast. (Aren't we all?) He quits, only to get pulled back into the fold by "a hot up-and-coming producer" (McAdams). But it's not for a new, gossip-free take on the evening news. Instead, he gets paired with his rival to help revive a morning talk show.

It's been a whopping 13 years since Ford has starred in a comedy. Time flies when you're an action star! But methinks that he'll slip back into the world of laughs easily. But what about McAdams? Is she a good match for ol' Indy? THR notes that Reese Witherspoon was once in talks for the role, so who would you prefer?
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