We're getting down to the wire when it comes to holiday shopping -- and there is surely a man on your list who is impossible to shop for, one who's allergic to sweaters, never needs ties, and doesn't play golf or fish. You should buy that man a Rocky Balboa robe. I don't think very many men would sneer at a Rocky robe, even if they aren't collectors. This isn't just a goofy prop, this is useful clothing! He'll feel really macho as he wears it around the house, he'll look respectable when he goes out to get the Sunday paper, and have a very clever Halloween costume in a pinch. Hey, it might even inspire him to take up a new fitness regimen!

You can get this at the Official MGM Store, where it just happens to be on sale -- I suggest you use the extra money to buy the red, white, and blue boxer shorts as a solemn reminder that we all can change ... or at least so he can amuse himself shadow-boxing Ivan Drago.