Man, Roger Dodger/Campbell Scott should have continued his teachings, rather than setting Jesse Eisenberg loose on the school cafeteria. It looks like he hasn't learned the delicate intricacies of women and romance quite yet!

The Hollywood Reporter
posts that Jason Reitman and Daniel Dubiecki are producing a new romantic comedy called The Wedding, which will star Eisenberg and Pushing Daisies star Anna Friel. Eisenberg will play a young man who is so infatuated with Friel's 30-something character that he crashes her wedding. Hmm. Maybe Roger should've steered completely clear of the kid, since escorts and Elizabeth Berkley seem to have led the kid right to Benjamin Braddock territory.

Reitman has cooked up a lot of interest for the film, but as of yet, no studios have signed to get this project in gear. I imagine it's only a matter of time. Reitman has a knack for picking solid films, and I've got a feeling that Eisenberg and Friel will play well off each other. But at the very least -- it'll give her something to do post-Daisies.
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