Don't panic! You can start to sweat a little if you want to, I'm sure everyone associated with Watchmenmight be. According to Variety, the Watchmen trial has been moved back two weeks to January 20th.

The judge in charge of the case set the new date on Monday in order to settle a criminal matter on January 6th. He has also refused to make a pre-trial summary judgment, as requested by both sides, insisting that the original contracts between Fox and producer Larry Gordon are so open to interpretation that a trial is required.

They just keep upping the drama level of this whole mess. Why is the judge insisting on taking it to trial, ignoring the wishes of both sides to do a summary judgment? Is that a good thing? Are summary judgments too hasty or something? Is he stretching this out because he can? Can they still settle out of court? If there's a legal eagle in the Cinematical house, I'd love it if you weighed in, just for the sake of discussion and clarity. (Without a first hand look at the contracts, maybe that's impossible to do.)

While I still don't believe the film will be delayed, it is worrying to see its legal troubles inching closer and closer to its March 6th date. Neither side seems willing to blink, although Warner Bros might if it threatens all the money they've put into marketing. But think about it this way, readers -- if they do delay it, anything Watchmen that you own that's marked 03/06/09 immediately becomes more valuable!
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