The first image from the comedy Couples Retreat has popped up over at USA Today, and it shows our four happy couples posing for the camera, all excited to be working on their relationships. Peter Billingsley (aka Ralphie from A Christmas Story) makes his directorial debut here (off a script written by Jon Favreau) after working as producer on several projects -- and the film stars his friends Vince Vaughn and Favreau (who've teamed up on screen plenty of times now), as well as Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, Malin Akerman, Kristin Davis, Faizon Love and Kali Hawk.

The film tells of one couple (Bateman and Bell) in need of relationship therapy who, in order to save costs, invite three other couples to join them at a couples retreat. Vaughn says this of the plot: "Jason and Kristen are Type A's struggling to have kids. Faizon and his wife (Kali Hawk) have just separated, and he is dating a young girl from Foot Locker. Me and my wife (Malin Akerman of 27 Dresses) are swamped with the kids and work. Favreau and Kristin Davis are secretly not completely faithful to each other." Vaughn also stressed that while there will be sexual gags, this won't be an R-rated foul-mouthed parade. USA Today says to expect a PG-13. No release date yet, but expect this to hit theaters sometime next year.
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