What is it we love so much about big-screen strippers, aside from the obvious? Is it the eyes that reveal a trapped soul? The bruises that reveal a wounded heart? The solitary dances that reveal a lonely spirit? Obviously the stripper makes for a very complex character on screen as she (and he) has appeared in countless films over the years, spanning several different genres. The latest stripper to hit the stage comes in the form of actress Marisa Tomei, who may just nab an Oscar nod for her performance in The Wrestler (in limited release this weekend). And in the past couple of years, we've watched a number of different strippers do their thing -- from the fantastic ensemble cast of Abel Ferrara's Go Go Tales to the somewhat fascinating ensemble cast of Zombie Strippers, our thirst for people who take their clothes off for money has not gone away; it's just become a little more absurd.

Inspired by EW's recent piece on Stars Who Played Strippers, we'd like to know who your favorites are -- and why, exactly, you think the stripper is such a popular character in film. To help you, we've pieced together a gallery full of some of the most popular big-screen strippers. (Note: Bachelor Party's Nick the D*ck was Weinberg's choice -- but, c'mon, watch this clip and tell me he doesn't belong here.)

Warning: Gallery may be NSFW

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