The Greatest American Hero ... Now Buck Rogers. If someone cooks up a re-do of Danger Mouse, all of my childhood superheroes will be accounted for.

Yes folks -- Buck Rogers is getting another reboot, and this time, Frank Miller is the man in charge. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Odd Lot is trying to buy Buck's rights off of Nu Image/Millennium, so that Miller can write and direct his own take on the burly space explorer. But it won't be the Buck we all know and love -- "while the creator has only begun to sketch ideas, it's expected to be a darker take, with many of Miller's signature visual elements and themes, such as corruption and redemption."

Rogers could fall into a wicked coma that has him wake up in the 25th century, get frozen in space, or something completely different, but he will have one heck of a dark future to look forward to, being in the hands of Miller. While it makes sense, I'm not so sure about Miller taking on Buck, and the ill feelings surrounding The Spirit make me all the more apprehensive.

Buck's my guy -- in all his '80s beefcake glory with ridiculously tight and spandexy outfits and billowing chest hair. I just can't imagine Rogers without Gil and Erin, let alone the late and splendid Wildfrid Hyde-White, or wonderfully birdy Thom Christopher. Thrust into a dark and creepy world -- that I can imagine even less. Now Jon Favreau taking it on, and bringing Dennis Haysbert back and promoting him from Communication-Probe Officer to co-star, that I could handle.
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