The Saturday before Christmas tends to be the biggest shopping day of the year (the idea that it's the day after Thanksgiving is an urban legend) -- so that's all the more reason to skip the malls and go to the movies instead! The multiplexes have a variety of offerings in store for you, but the Indie Spotlight is here to tell you about what's happening at the art houses. 'Tis the season for limited-release Oscar-bait!

Today's new offerings are: The Class, Moscow, Belgium, Nothing But the Truth, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, and The Wrestler. Here's the lowdown on each of them:

The Wrestler

What it is: OK, it stretches the definition of "indie," but this drama about a washed-up professional wrestler seeking redemption certainly feels like a non-studio film.
What they're saying: This one's been getting raves ever since it won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival in September. Cinematical's James Rocchi, reviewing it at Toronto, called it "one of the best American movies of 2008." At Rotten Tomatoes, all but two of the 58 critics weighing in have praised it -- and one of the two naysayers is Armond White, who can usually be counted on to have the opposite opinion of everyone else and who I think might be a fictional character anyway.
Where it's playing: New York City (Lincoln Plaza, Landmark Sunshine), Los Angeles (ArcLight Hollywood, The Landmark).
More info: The official site has a long list of release dates for other cities, including some next week.