Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the online game that says 'yes' to everything! Last week we asked you to cough up some witty captions for an image from the new animated flick The Tale of Despereaux, and you rats gave us more than enough cheese to chew on. Congrats to our three winners below!

1. "I bring you the head of Fettuccine Alfredo Garcia!" -- Harry J.

2."And then, when the fat man reaches for the cheese....WHAM! The bar comes down and snaps his neck! And all the mice dine for the winter!"-- Charles P.

3. "Fortunately for Despereaux, he had enlarged ears. His brother, Squeaker, with his enlarged nose, did not survive the 'cheese cutting.' -- Dan N.

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Yes! This week we're letting ourselves go and introducing our souls to new experiences by saying 'yes' to everything -- and, most importantly, saying 'yes' to Jim Carrey's new film Yes Man (in theaters this weekend). The crazy cats behind our three favorite captions will rock out with one Yes Man Motion Pen, one Yes Man "Yes I Can" Post-Its, one Yes Man Loaded Dice in Box, one Yes Man Magic Answer Ball, one Yes Man Next Level Ladies Pink T-Shirt and one Yes Man Next Level Men's Black Tee. Sound off below!

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