Hey, girls! Get out your biggest, purplest Magic Marker and circle Feb. 17 on your 2009 Zac Efron calendar! That's the day High School Musical 3: Senior Year will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray, thus satiating the squeal-producing needs of the tween set at least until Twilight comes out.

DVD Active has some of the details on the three different ways you can buy the film. The single-disc DVD, for people who call themselves fans but obviously aren't real fans, will have the movie and a featurette of cast members saying goodbye to the trilogy. I don't know why you'd even want that. You might as well throw your money in the bushes and spit on Corbin Bleu. On the other hand, the 2-disc DVD will have an extended cut of the film, more featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes, a sing-along feature, and a digital copy of the film that you can transfer to your computer or your iPod or your toaster or whatever you kids are putting your movies on nowadays.

But you might want to harass your parents into buying a Blu-Ray player, because the 3-disc Blu-Ray edition is where the real action is. You get all the stuff already mentioned, plus cast profiles, a Senior Awards feature, a BD Live Experience, and a regular ol' DVD copy of the extended version of the movie. The 3-disc edition is the most expensive one, so obviously that's the one you should support.

We have the cover artwork after the jump. You'll note that they were nice enough to include Taylor in the picture even though she's hardly in the movie. Good for her!
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