Did you do a spit-take over the news that Seth Rogen was going to write himself a starring role in The Green Hornet, but then kinda rebounded when Stephen Chow became involved? If so, you might not like this bit of news.

Variety reports the film has lost Chow (of arse-kicking Kung-Fu Hustle fame) as director. Why? The dreaded creative differences. I was both puzzled and not very thrilled with the choice of Rogen, but have pretty much lost all hope if Chow isn't happy with the way things are going. There is the possibility that Chow is the one with the off-kilter vision, or that he just wanted to execute it all in a wacky way, but we're talking about Seth Rogen in a role once said to be filled by George Clooney. It just doesn't make sense.

Oh, but there's more ... Chow will still stay on the cast roster and play Kato to Rogen's Britt Reid. Is it contractual? The dream to hold a role once played by Bruce Lee? Simple disinterest in directing the feature? I don't know, but it all sounds like a big hornets nest to me. Can anyone out there actually imagine Rogen as The Green Hornet? And does anyone have high hopes for this?
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