On the heels of a few images that popped up earlier this month, you can check out the newly released trailer for Obsessedabove. Does it look just a little bit familiar?

It should, if you ever watched Glenn Close stalk Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction. Jumping ahead a few years with Obsessed, Idris Elba plays the poor man who just tried to have a quick fling with his new temp (Ali Larter), only to have her go psycho. She gets busy with suicide attempts, stalking, cutting the wife (Beyoncé Knowles) out of the family pictures -- all that fun stuff. Larter even tries to pull off the trench coat seduction, although set to the music, it looks pretty funny and not at all comfortable or seductive. On the plus side, we need more Jerry O'Connell!

It looks like it could be some good campy fun, although I doubt that's the mood they were going for. But what say you? Can Ali Larter hold a torch to the bunny-vicious Close?