Just when I thought I was comfortably up-to-date on my Internet trends, I discover there was one I missed: Drunk Jeff Goldblum. Apparently someone noticed that the idiosyncratic actor's normal speech patterns, marked by unusual pauses and random subject matter, would make him sound totally wasted if you simply slowed down the audio playback. And as it happens, modern computer software makes it easy to do just that!

The first slowed-down Goldblum clip to hit the Internet, sometime last year, was a 1999 iMac TV commercial, which you can see below. The good people at Videogum have compiled the eight best Drunk Jeff Goldblum creations, all of them either from iMac ads or Conan O'Brien appearances. This first one is my favorite, though. Can't you just imagine that voice calling you on the phone at 2 a.m. some Friday night? "It'zz of courssezeasy as it's alwayz been..."