Ooooh, everyone loves a list. Or ... some people love them and other people hate them, but they're still really fun to talk about on a bored Sunday afternoon. (Which today is.) So long story short: I'm friendly with afewbloggers who are part of a horror borg known as The League of Tana Tea Drinkers, and when I heard they were putting together a list of the finest "modern-era" horror films of all time, I raised my hand and went "Ooooh, ooh, pick me! I know the answers!" until they said "Fine, you can participate if you SHUT UP." And so I did.

All the participants were asked to send in a list of the ten awesomest horror movies of the past 18 years. Being a mega-dork, I sent in 30. (Hey, I take this stuff pretty seriously.) That list of 30 took me about four hours to trim, and I'll paste it in right after the jump -- but the TRUE list is, of course, this one. Yes, yes, we picked The Descent as #1, and somehow Eyes Wide Shut and Halloween: Water made the list, but hey -- a list wouldn't be any fun if all it included were obvious choices. So click right here to see the final list at Vault of Horror, and also click below to see my own Top 30 (1990 -- present).

And then please leave all sorts of comments about how all these bloggers (and me) are big, fat, know-nothing weenies and how you and your poker buddies thought The Descent sucked. Because, really, that's what these lists are all about: The fun of trashing other peoples' opinions.
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