It's always cool to see the indie comic publishers getting movie deals -- especially a crazy, multi-film one. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arcana Studios and Legacy Filmworks are teaming up for no less than five adaptations.

The first up is Paradox, based on the three issue series by Christos Gage, who also penned the film's screenplay alongside his wife, Ruth Fletcher Gage. It will be directed by Stargate: Atlantis helmer Brenton Spencer, and star Kevin Sorbo. Sorbo will play a cop of a parallel Earth (is there any other kind?) ruled by magic, who finds himself investigating a series of murders committed by the unknown force of science. You might snicker at the premise, but one of the characters is Winston Churchill, who gets to be a 130-year-old sorcerer. You can check out a preview here.

They've also lined up Martin Shapiro's Chopper, which follows a headless, ghostly biker named Jeremiah Payne. As the Angel of Death, he patrols the streets and exterminates sinners. You can check out a preview, but read fast, they're actually planning to start shooting next month. My favorite of the lot is Jay Busbee's Sundown, which sees a journalist and a small-town Arizona sheriff hunting down vampires. Cowboy hats and the supernatural is an automatic win for me.

The other films have yet to be determined -- Arcana has some gloriously pulpy stories in its library, so the possibilities are rather endless. Got any favorites you'd like to see, or recommend to your fellow readers?

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