I'm going to try to not blame David Fincher for choosing to work on Chef (a comedy with Keanu Reeves) over the crime flick Ness -- but I'll be real honest with you: it ain't going to be easy. MTV recently spoke with the director, and Fincher finally opened up about the cooking comedy, and provided some tidbits on what he has in store for the flick. Fincher tells MTV that "It's like a celibate sex comedy if that means anything. It's really about the creative process," the filmmaker explained. "It's truly an aromatic art-form, making food. I love that idea. And I love Keanu's passion for that world."

There had been some speculation that Fincher was going to be working on an adaptation of Anthony Bourdain's best-selling memoir Kitchen Confidential, but it looks like Chef will be an original script. Fincher tells MTV, "They decided to go ahead and make 'Kitchen Confidential' as a [television] series. This is an original script that's very funny." There's been speculation that Reeves has been developing this project for some time, and that he might have also written it -- although Michael Kalesniko's name has also been tossed around as the possible writer -- and, as to be expected, the typically secretive Fincher isn't talking.

So even though I consider Fincher a bona fide genius (and hey, I've got nothing against Keanu Reeves), there's just something about Chef that smells a bit funky. It might be the combination of Keanu and comedy, or maybe I just can't see Fincher keeping it light -- and perhaps the idea of a "celibate sex comedy" isn't very ... well, sexy. Hopefully, they're both going to prove me wrong.

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