"If I'm going to be emotionally naked, sometimes a script will call for me to be physically naked as well."

For an actress who appeared in just one movie ('The Women') in 2008, Eva Mendes made plenty of headlines. A reported stint in rehab, which she will neither confirm nor deny; a topless photo spread in Italian Vogue that made the viral rounds faster than you can say 'Ghost Rider'; and a steamy Calvin Klein ad campaign, deemed too racy and banned by U.S. networks.

And now, on Christmas Day, she returns to the big screen in Frank Miller's'The Spirit,' and her presence is undoubtedly a nice present for moviegoers who enjoy a side of sexiness with their superhero movies.

She plays Sand Saref, a jewel thief so hot she can melt the hearts of the undead -- namely the eponymous crime fighter (Gabriel Macht). Mendes dished with Moviefone about re-teaming with Scarlett Johansson, why she has no problem with artistic nudity ... and why she thinks certain body parts should be in proportion.

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