This Entertainment Earth catalog could just be the death of many a film fan's bank account. I'm hypnotized by what's on offer here -- none of it is exclusive to the catalog, mind you, but it's so nicely collected and distributed here. It's like ComicCon in paper form or something.

The latest discovery is this: Dark Horse's My Name is Bruce action figure, which you can order via the catalog or from Dark Horse directly. He's still on pre-order, so you can recover your Christmas budget a little, or put him on your birthday list. I really don't know if this falls into "cool" or "scary," but I'm leaning towards the former because of all his delightful little props. He comes with everything pictured -- the Campbell angel and devil, which attach magnetically to his shoulder, Shemps Olde Tyme Whiskey, a Bruce collectible toy in a melted package, Refreshing Lemon Drink, a miniature edition of If Chins Could Kill, and a big honkin' gun. Dark Horse claims that it was produced from a 3-D scan of Campbell, and that he lent them one of his own Hawaiian shirts to copy. With so much work, won't you hug and cherish his miniature self?