Talk about an unbelievable casting announcement, it would appear Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman and Vin Diesel have landed parts in a live-action Thundercats movie. Not only that, but somehow this news managed to remain hidden long enough so that the folks behind the scenes could create the film's first trailer. I'm, like, completely shocked and blown away ... and totally f**king with you.

The following fan made trailer was actually created by WormyTV, who spent somewhere in the ball park of a year and a half working on this fictional marketing ploy. Seriously. To spend that long on a fake trailer means you have to be one sick and twisted Thundercats fan, but we here at Cinematical certainly applaud that kind of geeky determination. Check out the trailer -- which is being passed around the internet today faster than a joint at a Jonas Brothers concert (OH, he did not just go there!) -- down below, and try to name all the different films featured. Which of these actors could you actually see starring in a film like this?