Every once in awhile my friends and I find ourselves all wrapped up in some absurd film-related conversation on a topic that probably doesn't deserve more than three minutes, let alone an hour. Since this happens regularly in my neck of the woods -- as I'm sure it does for several of our other writers and readers -- from time to time we're going to unload a Stupid Movie Question to see if you either know or might want to discuss the answer. And yes, since the holidays have slowed Hollywood to a crawl, we have the time and space to introduce new and exciting features like this one.

SO, here's a topic my friends and I discussed on more than five occasions -- with the latest conversation taking place this past weekend in my living room over a round (or three) of spiked Eggnog. In the original Karate Kid, during the beach scene, Daniel and Ali are flirting while bouncing the soccer ball back and forth between each other. Remember this scene? Okay, now right before Johnny and his crew race down on their motor bikes, Ali -- for whatever absurd, nasty reason -- takes the soccer ball and kicks it toward the water. Now, if her and Daniel were having such a good time, why on earth would she do this since in no way does she appear to be playing a joke. In fact, she looks pissed off when she grabs the ball, turns and punts it toward the ocean ... on purpose! Yeah, thanks Ali!

Stupid Movie Question: Why does she do this? Was there another scene that was shot and subsequently cut from the film that explained her motivation here? Did she spot Johnny racing down? Because these characters literally go from laughing and flirting big time to "let me get rid of this kid because he's annoying the hell out of me." What do you think?

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