Colombia's dangerous drug cartels are skeee-rewed! The Hollywood Reporter posts that Clive Owen is teaming up with Mark Cuban and heading to Colombia to take on drug cartels in Cartagena.

Turistas scribe Michael Ross is attached to write the screenplay, which focuses on an undercover agent who is embroiled in "a complex plot and must elude drug dealers and international agents if he hopes to survive." Okay, so maybe the cartels aren't screwed if Owen is running from them, but I don't think Clive will have any problem surviving these guys. If he does, they just have to give him a bunch of carrots and a baby to watch out for.

I'm sure this will be entertaining, but it's about time that Mr. Owen got that epic role -- the Indy/McClane/etc sort of blockbuster that gives him an iconic figure that's all his. He's certainly earned it by now. And no, I don't count Sin City. He's a great Dwight, he's only one of many black and white guys and gals in that one.
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