Here's a glimpse of the post-apocalyptic to send you off to holiday cheer. Two new Terminator: Salvation photos have leaked online and landed at /film and Film School Rejects from the mysterious Christopher M., but reportedly hail from Total Film Magazine. If you've been paying close attention to the concept art that has popped online, you'll know that John Connor is examining one of the hydrobots. Let's hope it's well and truly dead, and that Connor doesn't come away with a minced hand seconds later -- these things can supposedly attack via air or water. I'm not sure how humanity can win this one either, John.

The second photo is just a nice atmospheric one, featuring one of humanity's lone warriors facing the wreckage of a downed plane. The post-Judgment Day landscape still manages to produce lovely sunsets, at least. I was expecting this movie to take place in the perpetual darkness of the first Terminator, so it's reassuring to see nuclear winter hasn't actually set in. Both pictures (as well as the brand new poster) have been added to the gallery below, along with the concept art of the hydrobots.

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