The only thing, and I mean the only thing that is keeping me from completely disowning the remake of The Last Dragon is that RZA (the driving force behind the flick) seems to have a real love for the project. MTV recently spoke with the rapper and he told them that he's currently trying to get pop star Rihanna to star in the role originally made famous by Prince protege, Vanity. RZA tells MTV, "That's the one I'm rooting for, we're keeping that same concept of the girl being in the music business."

The original film centered on a young martial arts lover by the name of Leroy who falls in love with a music TV host (played by Vanity), while battling a local bad-ass by the name of Sho'nuff, and searching for the mystical 'Glow' (a mystical energy that can make you the greatest fighter alive.) But just because RZA has a soft spot for the original flick doesn't mean that he doesn't have some changes in mind. The actor/rapper told MTV, "One thing I don't think the old movie captured - because they couldn't capture it, [there] wasn't a lot of CGI - was I think some of the action sequences could've been cooler. But this one, we're not lacking that. You will definitely have some crazy action sequences."
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