I thought the idea for this week's column would be relatively simple -- find holiday themed comic books, and argue as to why they should be made into movies. However, nothing is that easy, and I was hard pressed to come up with any that weren't saccharine or stupid. I even posed the question at my local comic shop, and we were all stumped. "The problem is," said one of our regulars, "they all have some kind of message, and that's stupid." So true, so true.

In the subsequent hours, I've managed to dig up a few that weren't too syrupy, and I present them as a gift to Hollywood. As the Marvel and DC Studios continue their tireless march toward our movie screens, I'm really thinking they need to get away from the Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza! and move into some seasonal fare, if only to give us some breathing room mentally and financially. I refuse to believe that a Christmas-themed story limits year round appeal -- if Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Edward Scissorhands are enjoyable beyond December, why not some of our Marvel and DC friends? So roast some chestnuts, grab some eggnog, and drool over the thought of these pages on the big screen. It's a thin column by necessity, but I loaded it up with a few classy images, and I hope you consider it my Christmas card to you. I hope by the end, you can offer up your own holiday suggestions, or at least violently disagree with me as to whether our superhero movies should ever introduce snow, twinkle lights, and reindeer.
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