(This month we're bringing back some of our favorite holiday-related posts, as well as sharing some new ones. Happy Holidays!)

By: Erik Davis (reprinted from December 24th, 2006)

There's only one rule in my house come Christmas Day: I don't care who's coming over, how many gifts there are to open, what kind of food is being prepared or whether there's indeed any snow to shovel. Nope. I could care less. And look, there are tons of wonderful Christmas-related flicks that exist today -- some more memorable than others -- that people enjoy and attempt to watch as the magical holiday draws near.

Me? I don't watch Miracle on 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life. Nope, on Christmas there's only one film that's allowed on my television -- a film that must remain on my boob tube for 24 hours straight ... or else someone gets punched: A Christmas Story. This is my film. I own it for one day. Sure, my family might think I'm a bit nuts ... at first, but by the eighth or ninth time it's on, there's a crowd. People are laughing, spitting out quotes and remembering past Christmas events -- loved ones who have passed on and memories that are only sparked because of this film. Because of this odd rule I force everyone around me to follow. And so it goes. Here are 24 reasons to watch all 24 hours of A Christmas Story on Christmas Day ...

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