Droidel Droidel Droidel
I made it out of a PDF file
Droidel Droidel Droidel
It makes nerdy Jew-boys smile

Yes, that's right, Hanukkah celebrators! Now you can finally make your own Hanukkah dreidel Droidel and spin it till the Banthas come home! OK, so maybe it's not as cool as the Mos Eisley Cantina Christmas Tree Ornament Collection that my next door neighbor has, and it's definitely not as cool as the full-size Death Star that my dad is building in orbit around Pluto ... but really, Star Wars + Hanukkah goes together like peanut butter + motor oil. So enjoy!

Thanks to StarWars.com for the high holiday hilarity (and head over there to learn how to make your own Star Wars Droidel). Looking forward to their Obi-Wan afikomen and the Kit Fisto sukkah set.
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