What's Tron without Tron? I mean, you can have a Tron, but if it's not the real Tron, then it doesn't seem like a Tron-worthy endeavor. Does it?

Confused? Let me explain: Coming Soon reports that Disney's upcoming Tron 2.0 will not only have original cast member Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn/Clu), but also Tron himself, Bruce Boxleitner. However, the piece does use some strange wording, saying that he's "filming a role" rather than returning to Tron. So, this could just be a cameo, or a small role set to woo us ol' fans of the original.

The first dealt with Bridges being a hacker who is sucked into the world of computers and has to team up with Boxleitner's Tron to bring down the MCP, or Master Control Program. This time around, Olivia Wilde is playing a "worker in the virtual world" who has to face the MCP, while Beau Garrett gets to play a virtual world siren.

This should be a good gig for Bruce, who continues to work, but hasn't had anything of Tron proportions lately. But how should he show up? I would love to see a years-later sequel actually make use of the original players, rather than just highlight them, but how 'bout you?
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